Suzob Survey

Take a short survey in regards to a Suzuki Motor purchase and earn a coupon code in the process.

Customers can expect to spend about 6 minutes with the survey.

Please visit www.suzobsurvey.com to begin.

All feedback will be used to increase the bottom line sales at the Suzuki Motor in question.


  • You will need the survey password to begin
  • The “survey password” can be found on the Suzuki survey receipt
  • If you tossed the receipt in the trash you may have some dumpster diving in your future if you wish to take the Suzob Survey
  • Customers can sleep easy knowing their information will not be sold to a third party
  • Suzuki Motor employees are not allowed to participate in the promotion

SuzobSurvey Customer Service

  • Phone Customer service: 1-800-934-0934
  • Emergency: 1-877-794-8853
  • Mail: Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. MC/ATV Customer Service P.O. BOX 1100 Brea, CA 92822

Customer service inquiries for Suzuki Motor Vehicles usually involve documents which cannot be handled effectively via e-mail.

Therefore, inquires which cannot be answered by your local Suzuki dealer should be submitted via U.S. mail.

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Suzuki Motor Hawaii Customer Service?

  • Hawaii Montgomery Motors, LTD 550 Nimitz Highway Unit#2 Honolulu, HI 96817 (808) 536-7023
  • Phone: Not found

For those seeking employment at SUZUKI MOTOR OF AMERICA, INC.?

Please submit a letter with resume to “Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. MC/ATV Personnel Dept. P.O. BOX 1100 Brea, CA 92822”.

Be sure to attach your updated resume and references.

Suzuki has jobs that require a college degree and jobs that require a high school diploma.

The college degree jobs will most likely be at the Suzuki corporate office while the high school diploma jobs will be most likely be blue-collar manual labor.

Final Suzob Survey Statement!

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. is a distribution company for the U.S. market only, handling products which are manufactured by Suzuki Japan

Suzuki Motor Survey Website

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